There’s always room for dessert.

And once you sample one of these four bakeries in Placer County, you’ll consider skipping dinner the next time you go.

Sweet P’s Bakery – Rocklin

Sweet P’s Bakery is a family owned business with passionate owners.

They are baking incredible treats using real butter, cream, natural flavorings and locally grown apples from Auburn and Apple Hill, lemons from local farmers and Bay Area chocolate.

Deep-dish pies, cupcakes, cookies and caramel candies are the main draws and are made for delivery.

Choose from apple, apple berry, blueberry, cherry, caramel apple, chocolate chip pecan, peach and triple berry pies.

The cookies, from snickerdoodle to cowboy and chocolate chip, come in $10 bags or $18 boxes.

Pushkin’s Bakery

This bakery is the region’s exclusive wheat/gluten and dairy-free location.

Their passion is creating custom cakes for special days, which can be a birthday, wedding or the day you decide to stop by for a treat.

The vegan cake flavors come in all sorts, such as chocolate coconut, strawberry vanilla, cookies and cream, Almond Joy! and Ande Mint. 

The Baker and The Cakemaker – Auburn

The Baker and The Cakemaker in Auburn is an artisan bread bakery and so much more.

The wide selection of specialty breads, such as Levain, ciabatta, baguette is outnumbered by the selection of sweet treats.

Blueberry, mocha chocolate, carrot raisin, cinnamon, strawberry, brown butter and peach are some of the muffin choices.

The Baker and The Cakemaker also makes a variety of cookies and scones.

For a treat with frosting, customers also enjoy the menu of cakes, including chocolate raspberry, lemon cloud, tres leches and fruit basket.

Starbread Bakery – Roseville

Once you step into Starbread Bakery, there’s no escaping the sweet aromas of the freshly baked senorita bread.

The Filipino specialty is a soft, savory sweet bread drizzled in butter and caramelized sugar. And before you go out and try it, be warned: This customer favorite is addicting.

Starbread serves other traditional Filipino baked goods, in both sweet and savory varieties.

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