It may not come as a surprise to residents or visitors of Roseville. Despite reports of people fleeing the Golden State, Roseville is defying the trends and has been recently named as one of the nation’s top moving destinations.

Roseville ranks eighth among cities with the best growth and appeal for new residents.

U-Haul Growth Index uses a simple metric to determine fast-growing American cities. It pulls data and net gains of one-way U-Haul truck rentals that enter a market and compares that to those one-way trips that leave a particular area.

With a vast network of moving equipment, the company is well equipped to speak about current trends on where people are moving to, especially during the pandemic. The network exists in every state, including Canada. The company also has more than 23,000 sharing locations.

For this year’s report, the company dug through more than 2 million data points. Roseville and Sacramento were the only California cities that made the top 10 list. San Diego is the closest at 12.

The sun-soaked Kissimmee and St. Cloud market in Florida, which is less than 30 miles from Orlando, is the No. 1 growth city in the nation in 2021.

What makes Roseville so special? For starters, the region is known for high-paying jobs and plenty of retail and dining destinations. Great schools and parks are the cherry on the top, especially for residents with growing families.

Affordability is certainly another factor. Since Roseville owns its own electricity company, residents enjoy some of the lowest utility bills in Northern California.

While Roseville continues to grow, open spaces are always near and easy to find. Creeks, ponds, trails, fields and pathways are all part of a vast network of outdoor recreation space that residents love to explore. Cyclists, walkers and people who crave the fresh air of the outdoors can weave through nature almost anytime they want and return home without any major inconveniences.

While Roseville is a destination in and of itself, it is also centrally located to other sought-after places people to be. Shopping, boating, hiking, snowboarding, wine tasting, entertainment venues, the San Francisco Bay Area and other Northern California gems are a short drive or train ride away.

It’s easy to see why people pick Roseville as their forever home.

If you’re interested in learning about what makes Roseville tick, our team will be happy to tell you more. Our real estate professionals know this region well and have the market insights to help you navigate this competitive real estate market. So if you want to buy in Roseville, please contact us today. We will partner with you and help you devise a winning plan to land the home of your dreams in a beloved city that has it all.

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