One of the most beneficial improvements you can make to your home both in terms of curb appeal and energy efficiency is getting new windows.

There is a lot that goes into purchasing new windows, however. You should do your research and make a very informed purchase because if done correctly, you could end up saving money on your energy bill and boosting your equity at the same time.

Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

While it may be tempting to just go with a new version of the windows you currently have on your home, chances are that isn’t the most energy-efficient option. Do your research and look for windows that have an ENERGY STAR rating. These may be a little more expensive than you are willing to pay, but think of it as a long-term investment, in terms of keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, as well as boosting your home’s equity.

Know the Different Types

There are wood, vinyl and aluminum frame windows. When you purchase wood frames, you get the most options in terms of appearance. Vinyl frames are relatively cheaper than other windows, but you get less options in terms of appearance. Fiberglass windows can be durable and offer a little more options in terms of appearance compared to Vinyl, but there are far fewer brands available as they are relatively new to the market.

Get a Professional to Install

Though it may be tempting to think that since you are handy, you should be able to install new windows yourself. If windows are not installed properly, however, you may not benefit from their energy efficiency, and it could end up being worse than the efficiency of your old windows. So, go the safe route and hire a professional. When selecting a person to install your windows do your homework and consider choosing a company that specializes in window installation instead of a general contractor. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your new windows.

There are many homes available in Placer County right now that have upgraded windows, or were built with the type of windows you may be looking for. If you are looking to find a new home, make sure you reach out to us!

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