Thanksgiving is around the corner, which is a great time to take a moment and consider easy additions that you can give your home to make it more welcoming during this time of year. Keep these small changes centered around nature, and have fun while doing it!

Here are some ideas to get your home ready for fall:

  • Make a fall themed centerpiece. Grab leaves and greenery from around and outside of your house. Tie them together with some twine- so simple! You can even collect day-of leaves to serve as an accent decoration.
  • Seasonal indoor decorations. By adding small decorations inside, you can make your house more festive. Throw pillows, blankets, fall-scented candles, and decorative gourds or flowers are great ways to spruce up what is already in your home!
  • Hang a fall wreath. Wreaths are not only for Christmas. Fall wreaths can be made with leaves, berries and greenery. These wreaths can be hung inside or outside, or even be used as a tabletop decoration.
  • Refresh the outdoors. If you have plants in your entryway or on your window sills, try replacing them with fall-themed plants. If you are pressed for time and can’t pot new plants, you can always use gourds as decoration.
  • Leave the leaves. Do the unthinkable and don’t rake your lawn! Instead, sweep only your pathway and let the leaves make a gold covering in front of your house. The leaves will eventually break down and act as a natural fertilizer.

Holidays are a special time of the year, but they can also be stressful. By bringing in some of these easy changes, you will be getting your house ready for fall. Keeping things simple where you can will help to alleviate some of the holiday stress.

At this time of year, a beautiful place like Placer County, paired with some of these great home decor tips, is sure to set the scene for a beautiful fall season. If you are interested in purchasing a new home in Placer County, contact us today.

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