Although it’s been a crazy year, the holidays are a great time to reflect, relax and spend time with friends and family. Christmas is anxiously awaited year after year, by both children and adults. Because of the joy that this season brings to everyone, the city of Roseville is working to find ways to keep the holidays festive, even in the midst of a pandemic. We’re happy to announce that Santa Claus will be returning this year with his helpers!

This year will be extra special because Santa will be visiting and celebrating with more neighborhoods than ever before. If the weather allows it, Santa will be visiting Dec. 8 -17, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings starting at 6:00 p.m. Because of all of the neighborhoods that he will be visiting, he unfortunately will not be able to spend time with each children one-on-one. However, his helpers are working very hard to prepare special goodies for everyone who comes out.

While Roseville is working very hard to keep the holidays festive during this pandemic, it is so important to prioritize everyone’s safety. One thing that we can expect in a year full of the unexpected is change. While you might need to make some changes to how you celebrate the holidays this year with your family, you don’t have to sacrifice any holiday spirit along the way.

Roseville has a number of events planned to get you and your family out of the house this year, making sure that your holidays are both festive and safe. This is just a small example of what makes this city a great community to be a part of.

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