The colder months are just around the corner in Placer County. That means the holiday season is upon us, but also an increase in energy consumption from your heater and a challenge for your home to stand up to the elements.

Now is a good time to start thinking about how to weatherproof your home for the winter. To help, we compiled a list of six things you can do now to prepare.

Weatherstripping for Your Windows and Doors

Shoring up the drafts in your home is huge to help make sure your home can stay warmer during the colder months. It can also prevent water leaks from cracks that have occurred over time. Purchase some weaterstripping at your local home improvement store and get to work.

Add a Draft Stopper on Entry Doors

Much like windows, doors, especially entry doors, can allow a draft in the home. The best way to mitigate this is to purchase a draft stopper and install it to the bottom of the door.

Change Furnace Filter

Chances are you haven’t looked at your furnace filter in a while. If it is dirty, the airflow can be hampered and create a less energy-efficient situation. Permanent filters are also available for purchase as an alternative.

Get a Heating Tune Up

Something that gets a lot of use during the cold months is your home’s heater, and with all that use comes wear and tear. Before that time of the year hits, consider calling a professional to get your heating system tuned up.

Add Insulation

The more insulation a home has in the attic, basement and in the walls, the more energy efficient it can be. Consider calling a professional to have your insulation inspected and evaluate your options for adding to it.

Cover Pipes

In the middle of winter, areas around Placer County can experience icy climates. That means your pipes could be in danger of freezing and breaking. This can be frustrating and expensive to fix, so protect your home sooner rather than later by purchasing pipe foam and taping it around outside piping.

Though Placer County’s winters are relatively mild when compared to other parts of the U.S., it is still a good idea to prepare for the changes because it could end keeping you more comfortable in your home, and save you money by avoiding repairs.

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