Placer County is lending a helping hand to business owners who’ve faced setbacks during the pandemic.

Thanks to an initiative by Placer Shares: Eats & Drinks program and the county’s ongoing commitment to local business, restaurant and bar owners can apply for a grant to offset their business costs during this challenging economic time.

In order to qualify for the grant, business owners must have faced difficulties in maintaining operations, such as temporary closures, increased costs due to safety supplies and compliance with state guidelines.

Placer County is proud of the business community and everything they’ve accomplished and provide to this region.

This community does not take for granted the contributions and talent of the food and drink service business in Placer County. Residents turn to them for special occasions or a fun night out with the family.

That is why Placer County will always remain supportive of the business community through grant programs and other business-friendly practices.

Qualified businesses can receive $1,000 in grant funding through the county’s Placer Shares: Eats & Drinks program. The funding is designed to help restaurant owners to pay for permit fees.

Applicants conducting business in the county have until Sept. 30 to apply for the grant. To check if your business is eligible, visit the county’s website.

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