The results are in. And it’s no surprise that Roseville once again is named one of the best places to live in the entire country.

According to Money’s Best Places to Live, Roseville is the only city from California to join the rest of the best, ranking 45 overall.

To create the best-of ranking, Money used more than 200,000 data points.

Cities with at least 25,000 residents were considered for the honor, but not those with a high crime rate or lack of diversity.

Local economy, housing market, cost of living, public education, health and safety, weather, amenities and particularly economic factors, determined the best cities list.

The categories dive deep into data points. For instance, the lifestyle category takes into consideration a city’s weather, convenience of commute times, walkability, proximity to airport, environmental advantages such as air quality and access to local parks.

Of course, Roseville is a scenic place to live and visit, but what else did the survey find?

In Roseville, Money noticed a city that doesn’t fit the California mold: it has homes that are affordable.

It noted that homes are about 10 percent less than the state as a whole, and half of what it costs to live in the Bay Area.

Homeowners also enjoy low property bills thanks to the city’s expert management of electric, water and waste services.

Major companies and health care giant Kaiser Permanente in the area provide high-paying jobs, giving Roseville a high mark for economic advantages. The active business climate, stores and restaurants also keep residents happy with a variety of dining and retail options.

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