Farmers and other agriculture business throughout Placer County are flourishing thanks to ideal weather conditions and a high demand for fresh foods.

The value of rice crops in the region, for instance, increased by 25 percent in 2018, according the Placer County Agricultural Crop Report. Overall, the gross value of agricultural crops and products was over $72 million, up more than $14 million from the previous year.

Beside rice, the following locally grown and sold products also increased: cattle and calves, walnuts, nursery stock, mandarin oranges, grapes and wine.

With so many great wineries, farmer’s markets and farm-to-fork places to eat in Placer County, this news may not come as a surprise.

Residents in the region have become accustomed to enjoying fresh and local food everywhere they go. When you sit down at a restaurant in Placer County, chances are the hops in the glass and the food on the plate were locally grown.

Year round, local chefs, winemakers and brewers pick from the freshest, in-season ingredients thanks to the thriving Placer County agriculture community.

This news just reminds us that there will always be something new, fresh and exciting next time we visit a favorite restaurant, or shop at our nearby farmer’s market.

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