Any home search that does not include new constructions falls short.

Today’s newly built homes have too much to offer to label as a nonstarter.

Soon-to-be homeowners may feel that a brand-new home is beyond their budget. But if they carefully consider their options, a new home can be part of the plan.

When comparing new vs. existing homes, there are some clear benefits, including financial advantages with going new. Here are six things to consider.

Maintenance costs

The upkeep of new homes is less expensive.

Thanks to modern heating and air, plumbing, energy-saving appliances and other features that come with new homes, homeowners can enjoy longer lifespans and lower overall cost.

New homes are efficient and durable, which means homeowners may wait years before lifting a finger for a home repair.

Move-in ready

Dealing with a previous owner will be a negotiation – even after you close.

From appliances, flooring and interior colors, new occupants will have to make some changes – and possibly live with home features they’re not too excited about.

And there’s always the issue of wear and tear.

This is not the case with a newly built home.

Homeowners can trust that their new home is updated with the latest and everything is in working order, including state-of-the-art appliances that are already installed.

Move-in ready truly applies with a newly constructed home.

New community

In most cases, a new home also comes with a new community.

You and your family get a chance to grow alongside a brand-new development that’s rich in amenities and features you can look forward to enjoying over a lifetime.

Established communities may not offer as much of an exciting lineup of things to do, such as swimming pools, club houses, walking trails, sports courts and other resort-style offerings.

Modern floor designs

Compared to existing homes and their modular, maze-like floorplans, new home floor plans open up to something new and fresh.

New constructions are typically bright and welcoming from the first moment you step inside. This is accomplished through wider floorplans, higher ceilings, larger windows and an optimized spaciousness for everyone to enjoy.

Family rooms and kitchens, where you’ll spend a lot of time together, are also thoughtfully designed with family in mind.

Energy efficiency

Advanced technology in both machinery and materials create extremely energy-efficient homes.

The bottom line is that residents will enjoy the benefit of a reduced utility bill every month. As an added bonus, homes can be certified by an independent company to confirm the home’s energy rate.

This is needed to meet standards and requirements, which includes insulated walls, ceilings and a building that can efficiently hold ideal temperatures whatever the season.

California is also raising the bar on green energy by requiring all new constructions to include solar.

The California Solar Initiative helps meet the state’s ambitious energy goals while providing new homeowners an opportunity to lower their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint with built-in solar technology.

If you are interested in purchasing a newly built home in Placer County, contact us today.

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