Moving into a new home is a different experience for everyone.

First-time homeowners and growing families looking for extra space will need new home furnishings and goods to complete their move and truly feel at home.

Here’s a list of 10 housewarming items you could buy when you move into your new home.

Indoor plants

Add instant character to any room in the house with new indoor plants.

Online stores such as The Sill offer a wide selection on incredible plants that are low-maintenance and can truly liven up any room.

Wi-Fi extender

The setup of your new home may put some distance between your internet router and the digital devices your family loves.

Solve the problem of weak signals with a Wi-Fi extender so you can stream movies without interruption from any room in the house.

Window treatment

Take a new approach on window treatment by adding a splash of personality.

If your home’s blinds are a little bland, artist-inspired curtains are unique and stylish.

Shower head

A quality showerhead is not too expensive, but the feeling you receive after using it will be priceless.

Some combo shower heads come with two heads and still maintain excellent water pressure for that squeaky-clean feeling every time.

Bathroom mats

Your new place may have the luxury of more than one full-size bathroom, a big change from the crammed closet-sized bathroom you may have once had.

With all that extra space, some plush bathroom mats may be in order.

Amazon and other online retailers will have great deals on budget bathroom rugs, but be sure to invest in some sturdier material so you can keep your new bathroom clean.

Smart doorbell

Smart doorbells offer superior video quality so you can see exactly who’s at your door from the convenience of your smartphone.

This capability enhances your home’s safety and lets you see exactly when your Amazon package has arrived.

Tool kit

A tool kit with all the essentials will come in handy as you assemble new items and make quick fixes around the house.

Stanley makes a great kit with dozens of tools, including a hammer, level, screwdrivers, tape measure and more to help you stay on top of all your DIYs.


Yard maintenance may be something you didn’t need to worry about, so invest in a lawnmower to keep your green lawn neat.

Push, gas, electric or battery-powered mowers can all get the job done.


If you always wanted a king mattress or something larger than what you currently have, now’s the perfect time to do so.

Several mattress-in-a-box companies offer incredibly comfortable and affordable mattresses.

Standing vacuum

Roving robot vacuums are great, but nothing quite beats the old-school clean.

Reach every corner and pickup all your pets’ hair and fur with a standing vacuum with attachments.

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