Everyone is about to be able to get an even better view of nature in North Lake Tahoe.

The Placer County Board of Supervisors recently approved a plan to extend the North Tahoe shared-use trail. The approved plan builds out the trail by 1.7 miles. When the entire trail is done, it will serve as a whole path on the north shore of Lake Tahoe where cyclists and walkers can enjoy the scene views.

The development of the trail will take place in three phases.

Lake Tahoe is one the biggest natural destinations in the world, with around 2.7 million visitors annually. It already features an abundance of hiking and biking trails, not to mention the opportunities to boat and kayak. The addition of this shared-use trail will only enhance the experience of visitors and residents alike.

With a portion of Lake Tahoe resting within Placer County, it makes for a short drive for those who live closer to the valley.

If you haven’t visited yet, consider this: It is the second deepest lake in America, sixth overall largest lake in the U.S. and one of the 20 oldest lakes on Earth. Safe to say it is a sight to behold!

Having Lake Tahoe in the area is yet another reason why we Heart Placer! Placer County is wonderful place to live and work, but also to explore. If you are interested in purchasing real estate in the area, make sure to contact one of our real estate professionals today!

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