With the increased availability of newly constructed homes, many homebuyers are flocking to buy and asking, “is a home inspection necessary for me?”

Before you decide on hiring a home inspector for a newly constructed home, there are some common missteps in the building process that may very well justify the inspection.

A home inspection is strongly recommended, even with a new home build, which is a complex structure.

The National Association of Home Builders calculates that there are more than 3,000 components used in home construction (not including screws, nails and the like). With so many pieces and moving parts, the likelihood of something going wrong can be very high. The fact that some 20 subcontractors will work on installing these components adds to the possibility of something going south.

Thankfully, a thorough home inspection on a new construction brings in a third-party partner who’s objective and gives an honest report on the health of the home.

The insight you gain into what’s going on – or what could potentially go wrong – is invaluable and protective of your investment. Furthermore, it offers peace of mind.

If an issue is spotted, you and the home builder can go back to the negotiating table and come to an agreement so everyone walks away a winner.

In addition, a home inspection is a window of what regular maintenance might be like once you’re established in your new home.

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