In its long-standing heritage of offering programs and venues that promote active and healthy living, the City of Roseville has been working on something new.

In keeping with its long history of offering programs and facilities that encourage active and healthy living, the Department of Parks, Recreation and Libraries is launching Be Well Roseville, a new program to make Roseville a healthier place to live. Physical activity, proper diet and mind/body rejuvenation are the three primary areas of wellness that Be Well Roseville will focus on.

They’ve planned Fitness in the Park, a weekly dose of Saturday sunlight, to raise awareness and excitement for this program. Fitness in the Park has a dual purpose: It promotes Roseville local parks and encourages people to exercise while promoting City of Roseville fitness instructors and class offerings. 

On Saturday, Sept. 4 through Tuesday, Oct. 2, workouts will be held in local parks.

For additional information, go to the Be Well Roseville website.


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