Efforts by Placer County’s Health and Human Services Department have resulted in an overall decrease in the number of homeless people living in Placer County.

Specifically, there are an estimated 584 homeless individuals in the area, compared to an estimated 663 people last year, according to a report published by the Homeless Resource Council of the Sierras. Placer County’s Health and Human Services Department has partnered with Sutter Health Foundation and AMI Housing to spearhead an effort to develop permanent housing offerings for homeless people in the area.

Other efforts include a Whole Person Care pilot program, housing coordinators, emergency shelter services and a Homeless Resource Helpline (1-833-3PLACER). The Whole Person Care program is a “statewide waiver pilot program for vulnerable Medi-Cal recipients to improve health outcomes and reduce utilization of high-cost services. Placer County Health and Human Services – Public Health (PCHHS) is one of 19 counties participating in the program with the core goal of increasing linkages and services outside of the health system into the larger community.”

IHeartPlacer is pleased to hear this news. Placer County cares about the well-being of its population and we look out for each other. It is the spirit of this community!

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