According to the latest County Health Rankings, Placer County is one the best counties in California and it’s about to get even better as Roseville leaders anticipate the addition of about 1,200 jobs, which will help the local economy and increase job growth by 11 percent over the next five years.

What has spurned this new growth? There will be three expansions at Adventist Health, Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health over the next several years. Roseville’s acting economic development director, Laura Matteoli, said in The Sacramento Bee that 14 percent of Roseville’s 83,221 jobs in 2017 came from health care.

Roseville is a convenient access point for hospitals in Placer County, which is experiencing an increase in demand. The first building will be Adventist’s new headquarters in Roseville, which is scheduled to open in January 2019. The 275,000-square-foot building is expected to come with around 800 jobs, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Kaiser, which has 44 job openings online for Roseville, is opening a 90,000-square-foot campus, offering 210,000 square feet dedicated to a number of outpatient services. The new campus will have more parking, a larger pharmacy, an expanded laboratory and an on-site MRI machine. It is expected that the additions at Kaiser will create the need for an additional 200 employees, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Sutter will expand Roseville hospital’s emergency and intensive care unit with a new 97,000-square-foot building expected to open in 2020, according to The Sacramento Bee. Sutter currently has 81 job openings listed in Roseville.

Roseville is a great community with many advantages that attract businesses and expansions. Many residents and businesses will benefit from the coming health care expansions. It is expected that the areas surrounding Roseville will also see economic growth.

Placer County is quickly becoming one of the best places to live in all of California and has received some of the highest marks for a county outside of the Bay Area in terms of the area’s schools, businesses and available recreational activities.

We already knew Placer County was an amazing place to live, and with this job growth, it’s bound to get better!

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