The little things add up — especially when you’re ready to sell your home.

A well-maintained exterior, or its curb appeal, can make or break a home sale. Remember, first impressions matter. The first thing your potential buyer is going to see is the front of your home.

So, how can you boost your curb appeal? Here are 7 relatively easy things you can do that will help you “wow” your potential buyer.

  • Do your own walk-through. Take a stroll through your home and compile a list. What’s off cosmetically? Does your landscaping need a boost? Are there any small repairs you could take care of? Jot down whatever is unfavorable then work to make the fixes happen.
  • Pressure wash. Let’s face it, the exterior of a house can get dirty. Purchase or rent a power washer and get to work. Wash the siding, entryway, driveway, walkways, patio and so on to give your curb appeal a little boost.
  • Add plants. Give your home a warm feel by adding some seasonal blooms. A colorful display of flowers and healthy greenery gives a front yard an inviting look.
  • Is your address visible? If your home’s address is not visually appealing, give it a good wash. It may be worth purchasing new numbers to give the exterior a cleaner, more modern look.
  • Check out the roof. The roof of a house is vital. If there are missing shingles or tiles it is going to downgrade your curb appeal. Gutters that are overflowing with debris will also have a negative impact. If your roof needs some repairs, have it done. If the gutters need to be cleaned out, have it done.
  • Consider applying some new paint. You may not have to paint the entire exterior, but it may be worth it to paint the front door or accent portions of the house.
  • Think digitally. When your home is listed online it will show up with photos. That’s why it’s important to pick the best time of day to photograph your home – work with the sun. Look at your photos through your buyer’s eyes. If things look a little cluttered, get rid of your “stuff” and take a new photo.

If you have any further questions about boosting your curb appeal, please contact us and one of our real estate experts will get in contact with you.

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