The temperatures across Placer County are warming up, and pools across the region will certainly be filled with people of all ages trying to catch a break from the heat.

Certain age groups should be watched closely though to ensure safety. Children risk being injured and if left unattended, there is a risk for drowning. That is why I Heart Placer wants to share some safety tips for parents and caregivers to utilize when children are playing by the pool during the wonderful Placer County summers.

Here are four important safety tips, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Always Make Sure Someone is Monitoring – If there are children playing in or near a pool, an adult should always be watching. Leaving children unattended just for a few minutes can result in tragedy.
  • Educate Kids About Safety – There are two key things parents can do to make sure kids know how to act around the pool: stay away from the pool drains and they should be taught how to swim. Pool drains can present dangers to small kids and there are safety drain covers available. In addition, swim lessons can be a good idea.
  • Add a Pool Fence – If you own a backyard pool, you want to make sure it is safe should a child open the backdoor and go into that backyard unattended. That is where a quality pool fence comes in handy, providing a barrier to prevent any accidental falls.
  • Learn CPR – Parents should know how to perform CPR on adults and children to help ensure that if an accident happens, they are prepared to help as much as possible while emergency crews are on their way.

For additional pool safety tips, click here.

With the safety information out of the way, make sure to get out there and have some fun this summer!

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