In Placer County, community matters.

Not only is the county a destination for visitors, but it’s also one for residents, who enjoy a strong the sense of community when there out around town.

Placer County’s first Veterans Services ‘blitz’ events reminds everyone the willingness of the community to lend a helping hand.

One of the blitz events attracted Veterans from across the county. With open arms, workers from the Veterans Service Office assisted them in filing claims with the Department of Veterans affairs.

About 150 Veterans were on hand for assistance on how they can take full advantage of their entitlements and benefits. More individuals were expected to get help at other planned events, as part of the blitz campaign.

This was a regional gathering. Representatives from Sacramento and Nevada counties also pitched in to help.

It was a great event and it goes to show everyone in the community, including Veterans, are met with the sense of community Placer County is known for.

The Veterans Service Office will also revamp its appointment systems, making it easier than ever for Veterans to seek out help by phone or email.

There are about 30,000 Veteranswho live in Placer County, but just about 20 percent of them are taking advantage of their benefits. Placer County and the rest of the community wants to change that.

Learn more about the Veterans Services Office at its website,or call 916-780-3290.

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