Roseville is developing and accelerating initiatives that diversify water supply sources and assure water reliability under drought situations in addition to the water conservation mandate and long-term efforts to increase water use efficiency. These initiatives include:

A new water supply pipeline

Roseville is working on a new pipeline to transport water from the upper American River and minimize the city’s reliance on Folsom Lake.

Detailed planning 

Roseville continues to work on long-term, comprehensive planning to ensure water supply reliability. The city’s robust water recycling program has been increased as a result of these planning efforts and can produce about 1 billion gallons of recovered water per year for usage throughout the city and nearby towns. 

These initiatives also inform the city’s approach to economic development strategy, ensuring that future growth areas are more water-efficient and that new water supplies and infrastructure are paid for.

Storage and recovery of groundwater

Roseville has improved its ability to pump water into the groundwater basin during wet years and recover during dry years in recent years. As a result, the city has begun pumping from its groundwater wells to counterbalance up to 20% of Folsom Lake water supplies and preserve reservoir water levels. The city is also speeding up the construction of two more wells, which should be completed in 18 to 24 months.

Long-term contracts

Last year, Roseville signed a new deal with the United States Bureau of Reclamation to obtain surface water from Folsom Lake in perpetuity. Roseville has also signed an agreement with the Placer County Water Agency for additional surface water sources. The city’s most current arrangement with PCWA offers Roseville a credit for water saved in 2021.

Roseville will be able to meet demand during drought conditions now and in the future if water conservation initiatives are successfully supplemented with proper planning and investments in alternate and backup supplies. 

If you’re wanting to relocate to a proactive city like Roseville, contact us today!


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