Each year, California tosses out more than 11 billion tons of food waste into landfills.

Consequently, landfill space is getting tighter. But what’s worse: The food waste is releasing greenhouse gases into the environment as it accumulates.

A new recycling program will change the way people manage their food waste and help protect the planet. And it’s coming to Roseville soon.

Lawmakers passed a law in 2016 that requires local jurisdictions to work with households to compost organic waste.

The effort aims to reduce organic waste disposal into landfills by as much as 75% within four years.

Roseville customers will contribute to this initiative by changing the way they dispose of their food waste. It’s also the biggest change to trash and recycling practices in three decades.

The city rolls out the new residential food waste program next year. Once the city’s pilots and studies are complete, Roseville will gather additional customer feedback to help design the new food waste program.

In the pilots, customers receive a third receptacle for recycling. The idea is for residents to collect food waste inside their home and then dispose of it into the larger container.

Alternatively, in the other pilot, customers can dispose of food normally. Then, it would be separated at the waste facility.

Roseville has not yet confirmed which process will go into effect.

But what is clear is Roseville residents will soon have to think about their trash disposal in a very different way.

Businesses will also be part of that change. Currently, Roseville recycles several tons of food waste from local businesses each week.

In the future, customers who dine out will work with local businesses to toss their uneaten food into separate containers to streamline food recycling.

The city of Roseville is also developing plans to address hunger within the community in unison with the recycling plan. It’ll work with residential and food insecurity programs to make this happen.

Another benefit: Organic waste can be used as compostable soil.


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