A significant chunk of waste that Californians toss out each year is food or other organic materials.

In an effort to lighten the load of organic wastes, lawmakers will require communities across the state to separate food and organic materials, such as green waste, by 2022.

Roseville already has a green waste program in place.

The goal is to cut back on the amount of waste that’s taken to landfills to save space and reduce the impact of methane gas at larger-than-necessary landfills.

Already, businesses are practicing proper food disposal through Roseville’s organics collection program. It was established in 2016.

City leaders say the organics waste program and food recovery requirements are the most sweeping changes in more than 30 years. Roseville will make necessary adjustments to meet state mandates and also continue to provide excellent customer service.

Roseville is pilot testing some programs to better understand the practical impacts of introducing a new recycling bin and system.

Residents have time to provide their feedback and ideas on the new approach. The city hopes to make a final decision on the new plan by end of summer or early fall. Community members can provide comments by calling the city at 916-774-5780.


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