A new “clean eating” restaurant is slated to open in Roseville.

Primal Kitchen, which defines clean eating as a lifestyle that is interpreted by each individual differently, will open at 1220 Roseville Pkwy, #140. Primal Kitchen works with local farmers, ranchers and organic vendors to provide fresh menu items in a grab-and-go style café concept.

On its website, it elaborates on the concept of clean eating:

“Clean eating emphasizes choosing healthy, whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible. It involves a balance of proteins, fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed starches in each meal … clean eating experts all promote choosing unpackaged, unprocessed foods whenever possible as the processing process adds additional “empty” and sometimes dangerous additives as well as extra calories.”

Primal Kitchen’s menu includes “Bone Broths,” like the Cold Buster (chicken broth, garlic-ginger chile powder, lemongrass) and the Primal Pick-Me-Up (beef broth, sweet potato puree, curry powder, sea salt, collagen protein). You can also create your own bone broth with ingredients like beet juice, grass-fed ghee, cashew milk, sriracha and more.

Primal Kitchen also features an extensive lineup of breakfast (protein pancakes, free-range omelets and more), lunch and dinner (pork and ginger meatballs, chipotle lime fish tacos, 5-spice salmon, bison tenderloin and more) items.

View the entire menu here.

Primal Kitchen is a partnership between Mark Sisson, a former elite endurance athlete and bestselling author, and Mario Altiery, president and founder of Upside Group Franchise Consulting. The partners created the franchise in order to establish a healthy, clean, organic, fast-casual dining option.

This will be Primal Kitchen’s third location with another restaurant opening soon in Santa Cruz.

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