In their 2020 survey, SmartAssest named Roseville as one of the most livable cities. Roseville is a great mid-sized city for those who are looking for a more affordable and less crowded neighborhood to settle down in. Mid-sized cities are the perfect compromise between the two extremes of a major city and a small town. When moving, we all have certain things that we look for in a neighborhood, and sometimes it’s difficult to find a city that meets all of those needs. 

The survey looked at eight different metrics to determine what made these mid-size cities more appealing.

  • Gini Coefficient: a mathematical measuresurement that shows the distribution of wealth. A zero coefficient shows total equality, while a coefficient of one shows unequality of wealth distribution among groups.
  • Shift in Home value: the difference in house prices from 2015 to 2019.
  • Monthly Rent Prices: the average price that residents pay per month in these cities.
  • Poverty Rate: the percentage of residents that fall into the poverty category.
  • Household Income: the average amount that the household makes per month.
  • Unemployment Rate: the percentage of unemployed people within the different mid-sized cities in the U.S.
  • Residents Without Medical Insurance: the percentage of residents that live in these cities with no medical insurance.
  • Commute Time: the average amount of time that it takes for a resident to get to work.

With a 27.9 percent change in home value, Roseville was listed within the top 50 mid-sized cities in the United States. In fact, Roseville has a long history of being listed as one of the top places to live. While meeting all of the criteria above, it also offers high paying jobs and low cost utilities for residents that are looking for a more affordable neighborhood.

If you or a loved one are looking for a reasonable city to settle down in, then Roseville is the city for you! If you are interested in purchasing a new home in Placer County, contact us today.

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