Roseville earned kudos from the Center for Digital Government for its efforts to provide residents and area businesses excellent customer service online.

Roseville was awarded 8th place among similarly sized cities for how well it connects with the community. Every U.S. city is invited to participate and share its best digital practices.

The city’s strong cyber security, digital friendliness, business efficiency and technology resiliency were noted as primary factors that led to its recognition in the Digital Cities Survey.

The Center for Digital Government highlights these cities that successfully merge civic engagement and technology to better hear from residents about social issues, to strengthen relationships and to improve the customer service experience.

The award is particularly notable for Roseville given how challenging it can be for local governments to maintain exceptional customer service during a pandemic.

In addition to the rankings, the survey also revealed top trends and initiatives in digital technologies. Cybersecurity, budget, citizen engagement, disaster response, automation and continuity of operations were all listed as hot topics.

It was no surprise that telecommuting will continue to be a focal point for many cities. In fact, more than 85 percent of cities listed telecommuting and work-from-home policies as those they are most concerned about. As cities better understand these policies, they are also finding more opportunities to collaborate with other departments, the survey found.

As a national research and advisory institute, the Center for Digital Government is constantly working on exploring technology policies and best practices that better serve residents and local governments.

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