Today, the region is evolving, with a population of about 260,000 people that is expanding and becoming more diverse. Roseville consistently ranks at the top of best places to live and best places to retire lists, thanks to a growing economy, an educated workforce and a network of safe neighborhoods. Roseville is the 43rd biggest city in California and Placer County has also been named first in California for Quality of Life.

Residential Influx

Placer County continues to progress into the contemporary era as the number of new people increases. With the publication of the 2020 Census, it looks that the migration into South Placer is not slowing down.

Roseville’s population has increased by 18% or more in the last decade to over 147,000 people. Rocklin, a neighboring city, has witnessed a population increase of more than 20% to over 71,000 people.

According to current U.S. census data, foreign-born people account for roughly 13% of the population, which is close to the national average.

Roseville is a fantastic mid-sized city for individuals searching for a less congested and more inexpensive location to call home. Mid-sized cities are the ideal balance between a big metropolis and a small village. When it comes to relocating, we all have different qualities we seek in a neighborhood, and it can be tough to find a place that fulfills all of our requirements.

Roseville is the city for you if you or a loved one are seeking a reasonable place to call home. If you’re considering relocating to Placer County, give us a call today.


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