A proposed 4,787-acre development could bring thousands of new homes, new commercial/office property and five new schools to Lincoln.

The Lincoln Planning Commission will be reviewing plans for the project, known as Village 5, during a Nov. 1 public hearing. The project plans include single-family residential properties, multi-family residential properties, mixed-use properties, commercial properties, and regional uses, including parks and open space areas.

Village 5 would be located southwest of the current city limits, north and south of State Highway 65, but within Lincoln’s “Sphere of Influence”, as outlined in the city’s 2050 General Plan.

The project plans call for:

  • 8,242 dwelling units (rural residential, country estates and low-to-high density residential);
  • 7.5 acres (56 units) of mixed use;
  • 196.3 acres of commercial;
  • 159.9 acres of office/commercial; and
  • 42.8 acres of business and professional space.

In addition, the project calls for three new elementary schools, one new middle school and one new high school.

The Lincoln Planning Commission will be voting on the certification of the final environmental impact report, approval of a General Plan amendment and a development agreement by and between the city of Lincoln and Richland Developers, Inc., among other aspects.

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