Here’s a great cost-savings program that Placer County families can take advantage of during these summer months when the air conditioner is running on overdrive.

As you know, this is the time of year that utility bills typically go up. Luckily for PG&E customers, which many residents in Placer County are, there’s a solution called Budget Billing.

Here’s how it works: It averages your household’s monthly payment across the last 12 months. It’s designed to avoid those big summer spikes on your energy bill each summer because you pay the average for the year, instead of any one given month.

Those who utilize this program will find that their statements become more predictable. There’s no extra charge to enroll. Finally, you and your family can end your participation at any time. And PG&E says that once you enroll, you will begin to see savings pretty quickly. The Budget Billing cost structure gets to work the following billing cycle upon enrollment.

Call a PG&E a customer service representative at 1-800-743-5000 for additional information about Budget Billing.

What about solar energy?

As a resident of Placer County, solar energy is another viable option if you’re looking to save money.

Not only are prices down across the industry, but you can also take advantage of tax breaks and other financial incentives that will help you save on your energy costs each month, much like the Budget Billing program mentioned above.

In addition, solar applications are not just for electricity. Companies offer solar service for water and pool heating.

Placer County also offers the mPOWER  program, a Property Assessed Clean Energy program. It offers financing for both residential and non-residential property owners in the county, covering energy efficiency improvements and solar and water conversation measures.

If you’re looking for a tax break, the government offers an Investment Tax Credit. This credit is good for 30 percent on solar installs and lasts until 2021. The rate will begin to drop from 30 percent to 26 percent in a few years. By 2021, it will be lowered to 22 percent.

Want to learn more about solar? Here’s a fact sheet provided the California Solar Energy Industries Association that covers some of the basics.

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