Communities across Placer County pay homage to the region’s history of gold mining, railroads and cultural diversity through its year-round signature events.

The gatherings bring history to life; excite our taste buds and bring us closer to our family, friends and community.

Here are 5 exciting events you don’t want to miss!


Mountain Mandarin Festival

Each November, festivalgoers follow their noses wherever the sweet and tangy citrus scent of Mandarins lead them during the annual Mountain Mandarin Festival in Auburn.

The scent is everywhere. It extends from almost every kind of food, from Mandarin-infused drinks, salads, grilled meats, ice creams, BBQ sauces and syrups. There is no shortage of the delicious orange treat.

The festival takes place under the autumn-leaved trees of the Gold Country Fairgrounds, where area growers sell thousands of pounds of fresh Mandarin oranges.

In 2017, the festival will celebrate its 24th year.


Placer County Fair

Carnival games and rides, unique foods and entertainment are hallmarks of the Placer County Fair. Families come back time and again for the fair’s history of tradition and community-oriented spirit.

So step back in time and enjoy an old-fashion country fair — just the way you remembered them as a child.



Placer Farm & Barn Tour

These self-guided tours allow for the expedition of farms, ranches and vineyards along the beautiful countryside of Placer County.

Visitors can see what life is like on a working farm through various activities and samplings. Each farm venue will feature something different suitable for any ages.

After enjoying some time learning about the farms, you can also sample and purchase locally grown produce, meats and wine.


The Cowpoke Fall Gathering

The first Cowpoke Fall Gathering took place in 1955 after a couple decided to bring cowboy poetry performance to Loomis.

Ever since, cowboys and cowgirls share poems and songs in the historic Blue Goose Fruit Shed. Well-known cowboy poets from all over the West attend the event.

The premier showcase aims to preserve and promote the American cowboy heritage through the oral folk art forms.



This is a berry special event!

The BerryFest celebrates the harvest of strawberries with amazing foods, shows, contest, shopping, pageant and music entertainment.

Did you catch all that? We hope so because there’s more.

The action-packed event is held on Mother’s Day weekend and puts an emphasis on children and family. The BerryFest loads up on activities for kids, including a petting zoo, pony rides, strawberry shortcake eating contest and a full carnival zone.


With all of these family-friendly events lined up how could you not love Placer County?


Like an image on a postcard, the quaint and beautiful scenery of the Gold Country, ornamented with historic inns, club resorts, churches and ranches, provide a picture-perfect place to say “I do.”

Whether you and your life partner are planning a big or small wedding event, Placer County’s charm and natural beauty stand out as a romantic destination.

If you close your eyes, you can hear wedding bells resonating across the backdrop of a majestic mountainside or a swath of gentle wildflowers as loved ones gather to celebrate your special day.

As you plan out your dream wedding, here are five possible locations in Placer County that will sweep you off your feet.


The Flower Farm

Orchards, large grassy spaces and lush gardens await you and your guests at the Flower Farm Events Barns.

The natural beauty and a big red Events Barn will transport your guest to a serene locale to celebrate your wedding day.

It is suited best for 50 to 240 guests.

The Flower Farm also serves fresh and local food.



Winchester Country Club

The Winchester Country Club evokes a classic European lodge with its stone chimneys, grand terrace and a spectacular interior graced with vintage chandeliers.

“Happily ever after” truly begins here.

The 35,000-square-foot clubhouse, with its multiple levels, a formal lobby and dining room, is the heart and soul of the Winchester Country Club lifestyle.

The clubhouse setting is perfect for any wedding dinner party. The club can cater your special dinner as you and your guests bask in the club’s warmth and elegance.


Power’s Mansion Inn

Love birds can realize their dream wedding at the Power’s Mansion Inn. Here, they can declare their vows of love underneath a majestic 100-year-oak tree near a paved stone waterfall and a grand Victorian mansion.

The Victorian bed and breakfast is nestled in the Gold Country and dates back to the late 1880s. The mansion features 16 rooms and suites, uniquely decorated with era artwork and wall coverings.

Staff on site can help you plan every detail for your big day.


Gold Hill Gardens

Gold Hill Gardens is a 33-acre private estate with classic elegance and breathtaking views that will bring your wedding celebration to life.

Whether you’re planning a large or small wedding, the amenities at Gold Hill Gardens can fulfill your vision.

The lush gardens set the mood for a smaller and intimate ceremony. For something more open and airy, the lawn ceremony offers expansive views at every turn for your special moment of love.

The upper lawn enclave sits just outside the bride’s master suite and provides an exceptional pathway through the audience area to the ceremony landing.



Mountain Shadows

Mountain Shadows’ mission is simple.

The Foresthill retreat hopes to create the perfect atmosphere that connects guests with the natural beauty of the Foresthill Divide.

Mountain Shadows, a private 1.5-acre residence at the gateway to the Sierra mountains, invites couples and their guests to enjoy this getaway venue for a day or the weekend.

If you are in love, you will love getting married in Placer County!


The natural beauty and resources of Placer County are good for a lot of things. But perhaps the most appealing aspect of being nearby is the golden opportunity to trek along the many hiking trails in the area to admire the wondrous American River Canyons system.

At first glance, the sweeping canyons, dense vegetation, flowing waterways and terrain steepness may give you pause. But if you think that the trails are just for experienced hikers, requiring a day-long commitment, think again.

Set a date and enjoy the great outdoors in Northern California with one of these easy-going and scenic trails in the American River Canyons.

Confluence Interpretive Trail: Here, you can enjoy the wonders of North and Middle Forks of the American River with the trail’s spectacular view. The 2.6-mile trail runs along terrain perfect for viewing the canyon environment and the remains of some historic bridges.

Fuel Break Trail: The trail provides a wide, easy stroll through oak meadows, foothill shrubs and woodlands. The main attraction may be the views of the ridge top. Before you get started, be sure to walk out onto the bridge for a full bird eye’s view of the North Fork of the American River. This hike takes about 45 minutes.



Indian Creek Trail: Summer may be the best time to enjoy this route. The trails allow hikers to enjoy the American River Canyon without having to zigzag in and out. Along the way, you may be tempted take a dip. But it wouldn’t be because you were uncomfortably hot. The oaks and other tree keep much of this trail in the shade, a welcome feature to escape the Northern California heat.

Quarry Road Trail: Here’s another wide trail to test. The leveled trail can be used for an easygoing half-day walk and picnic along the Middle Fork of the American River. If you’re thinking of packing a lunch, tables are available. Beyond the allure of having a picnic within the confines of a canyon, this trail takes you through some of the best scenery in the American River Canyons system. If you’re up for more of a challenge, the Quarry Road Trail offers additional access to other trails, too. A little history is also infused along this path. The trail follows a route of the Gold Rush-era Grand Flume, which was built annually by private mining companies to extract gold from the river in the 1850s.



American River Trail: This trail will take you along the river, dense vegetation, cabins, old mining sites and some small meadows. It’s the perfect combination and encapsulates the true beauty of known as the American River Canyons. The fun does not stop there. Visitors can also cast their fishing poles or set up camp and enjoy marshmallows over a campfire.

The great trails in our area is yet another reason why we LOVE Placer County!


If you’re up for a challenge, these five hikes along the American River Canyon will test your limits.

Challenging terrain and steep elevations are part of the equation, but more than anything, these hikes showcase the best of the area’s natural beauty.


Green Valley Trail

This difficult trail includes a 2,000-foot change in elevation along the 2.6-mile path. Whew! So it goes without saying that good physical condition (and plenty of water) is recommended for this adventure. Hikers can continue downriver for a shorter path or cross the river and travel upstream into Green Valley. The latter option will take you through private property. Once you catch your break, you can also enjoy a little fishing.


Beacroft Trail

The Beacroft Trail is only 2.36 miles but it is often considered the “most difficult” in Placer County. The challenging hike will take participants through very steep terrain featuring numerous switchbacks. When hikers take to this trail, they will cross the Iowa Hill ditch and enjoy the views of ferns and small streams. As you approach the bottom of the trail, you’ll have the option of continuing upstream or toward the American River Trail. Good luck!



Euchre Bar Trail

This very difficult trail provides two access point with opportunities for fishing, camping and swimming. Hikers will also enjoy parts of the trail that pass old mining ruin and abandoned equipment from the Gold Rush era. If you decide to journey on this exciting trail, be advised that part of it will take you along private property so it’s best to stay on the trail as much as possible. Near the end at the river, you may cross downstream at a footbridge and follow steep terrain up the canyon.


Italian Bar Trail

Miners used this old trail to reach the North Fork of the American River and now you can, too. You will encounter short sections with a 35 percent slope. As hikers being to start down the trail the views are breathtaking as one looks up the canyon. Warning, you could encounter poison oak about half way down the trail. This trail ends at the river, but it can also take you up and down the banks.



Mosquito Ridge Trail

It’s only a mile each way, but the Mosquito Ridge Trail will push your limits. Steep terrain and switchbacks will get your blood flowing as you wind down to the Middle Fork of the American River. A cascade of water flowing down the canyon wall is sure to catch your eye along the way. But keep in mind, the trail is southern exposed and could be hot during warmer parts of the day. It is pleasant during the spring and fall, however. Please be advised that poison oak is present, especially at the beginning of the trail.


If you are up for a challenge, make sure you give these a try!


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