If you close your eyes, you can probably envision what your dream home looks like.

You know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want; it must have a yard and room for an office and multiple-car parking.

As for the rest of the home features, you’re willing to compromise.

But the often-overlooked variable to the equation is how much size of a home can your budget sustain for the long run?

The following scenarios could be relevant to your planning as you close in on the final decision on what your dream home will be.

Growing family

Many families decide to buy a larger home for that very reason.

Whether that’s you in one year or in ten years from now, it’s important to factor the size of your family in the future as you consider home sizing.

Other families with children on the cusp of adulthood will think about scaling down.

Sometimes families go bigger to accommodate their aging parents, who might need some extra help in the foreseeable future.

In many ways, proper home sizing corresponds to how big the family is years from now.

The home’s upkeep

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for regular maintenance and incurring costs to take care of things around the house.

The costs for home operations and maintenance should be added into your home budget, in addition to your mortgage and the rest of the home bills.

A firm understanding on how much it’ll take to keep the home functioning as planned will be invaluable during the decision-making process.

Current home size

The advantage of living in your current home is you know what its size is capable of and where it falls a little short. So, if your current kitchen space works perfectly, then shopping for a larger cooking space for the sake of size could hold back your flexibility.

On the other hand, maybe your family living space is just too small for your future needs, then prioritizing a larger living room is prudent.

Home office

The pandemic changed the way people work. And if remote work has become part of your company’s culture, then you’re probably on the prowl for a home with a bonus room that would make a wonderful home office or gym.

If you anticipate spending less time at home, working on location, then you can loosen your criteria on the number of rooms or sizing you’ll need.


Do you like to spend a lot of time out in the yard or patio? Or do you prefer to do as little lawn maintenance as possible?

Are you constantly getting the family together? Then you’ll definitely need to consider larger living spaces and open areas to accommodate your lifestyle.

The home’s overall functionality, or its style, will matter as you debate and narrow down your list of dream homes.


Families are gearing up for the holidays.

With Thanksgiving top of mind, soon people will switch gears and begin to put up the holiday decorations and celebrate Christmas.

With all that’s going on with gatherings and gift exchanging, there will be a greater need to recycle.

So, in an effort to keep the environment and area landfills free of hazardous waste and other unnecessary materials, there are ways you and your family can lessen the load.

Here’s your guide to holiday recycling this season in the Roseville area.


With all the Amazon deliveries and holiday gifts, the cardboard around the house can stack up high.

You can save space around the home and in the garbage bin by taking used cardboard to a recycling site. Here’s a list of places where you can go.

Christmas trees

All that hard work of putting up the holiday tree must be undone. And when you take down the Douglas or noble fir tree, you have some options as to where to have it recycled.

If you plan on cutting the tree into smaller pieces, then it can go into the green waste container.

Drop-off locations for recycled Christmas trees are also an option.

Learn more here.


If you made a holiday turkey, all that peanut grease must go somewhere.

Pouring it down the drain can cause blockage.

A better idea is to let it cool down and then transfer it into a plastic container, which the city will pick up for free.


Is it time to toss out your aging boxy television or obsolete computer tower? Maybe you have some smaller household appliances that are just collecting dust.

Bring them to the landfill for free disposal or opt for free door-to-door pickup.

Beverage containers

Beverage containers can quickly add up, especially after all the holiday gatherings.

Take advantage of the California Redemption Value, or CRV, to get a refund for empty plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers.


Now’s the time to check the batteries around the house and get them replaced.

It’s pretty easy to safely dispose of batteries in Placer County. Several locations will take them free of charge.

It’s a good idea to tape off the ends of the batteries before bringing them in to be recycled.


Buying a home is one of the largest investments anyone can ever make.

If you recently purchased a home, you might begin to think about ways to protect and make the most out of this important investment.

Regular upkeep can do both.

For instance, home maintenance during the winter months crosses both off the list. With proper winter care, homeowners can save money on their monthly utility bill and maintain a safe and comfortable dwelling.

Here are six home care tips that will get the job done.

Outlet update

Examine the outlets throughout your home by hovering your hand just above the surface.

If air is escaping, it’s time to install a new outlet with a foam gasket. This project is both easy to do and inexpensive. But the savings can add up over time.

Flue check

You might not have thought much about the home’s fireplace, other than it’s a beautiful focal point of the living room.

Even if you’re not thinking about firing it up this winter, now’s a good opportunity to have it checked out in case it’s unnecessarily releasing warm air.

A chimney technician will examine it from roof to hearth and install an inflation device that keeps warm air in and air flowing when it’s in use.

Vent out

An efficient home is just not possible without proper ventilation.

You want to examine the vents on the dryer, over the stove and inside bathrooms to ensure that air isn’t escaping. Double-check for lint accumulation.

A magnetic cover for the kitchen exhaust and an internal flapper in other fans will keep things dry and prevent moisture buildup.

Insulate attic, basement

Regardless of the season, proper attic and basement insulation will keep heating and cooling costs in check.

The insulation is easy to install and easy to repair. Homeowners should make it a habit to check on the condition of insulation each winter and spring. Just look for gaps within the insulation and replace as needed.

Coat of paint

A high-quality layer of paint is the exterior’s first defense against the elements.

From the harsh UV sunlight rays to downpours of rain, extreme elements can cause cracks on the home’s exterior and lead to expansions and contractions of the home’s siding.

Moisture can also give rise to mildew, mold and rot along the outside of the home. Replacing wood and siding can get expensive.

Specialized paint formulas provide added protection for the home’s exterior no matter the season.

Home tech

Using home tech is easier than ever. Homeowners can control their home’s temperature, lighting and other electronics with just a few swipes.

Installing a programable thermostat can save homeowners about $200 annually on their heating and cooling costs.

And smart lighting will make sure you never leave the lights on too long ever again.


A new list of preferred cities by military retirees places Roseville among the very top in the nation.

The city that’s got it all is both a great place to raise a family and enjoy retirement life. Residents fall in love with the city’s charm and history, along with its high-performing schools, great places for fun, food and shopping and its thriving neighborhoods and businesses.

Earlier this month, as we saluted the brave men and women who wear the uniform, Smartasset.com released its ranking of American cities most beloved by military retirees.

The survey compared 200 large cities across the United States and measured three broad categories to rank which ones cater the most to the nation’s military retirees.

Roseville finished as eighth overall and fifth in military retirement friendliness in the nation.

About three-and-a-half percent of Roseville’s population is made up of veterans who are at least 65 years old. Nationally, that’s in the top 20.

Military friendliness was measured by taking a look at the percentage of population who are veterans age 65 and above. As part of the analysis, senior tax burden entered into the equation.

The list also answered how accommodating cities were toward the group. Cities with more VA health facilities, benefits administration services and similar resources move up on the list.

The third component is the city’s economic environment. Median veteran income, unemployment rate and other income-qualifying criteria were used for the ranking segment.

More and more, America’s retired military personnel turn to cities like Roseville when it’s time to enter post-service life.

Only one other California city finished in the top 10 along with Roseville.

For the complete list, visit smartasset.com.


Each year, California tosses out more than 11 billion tons of food waste into landfills.

Consequently, landfill space is getting tighter. But what’s worse: The food waste is releasing greenhouse gases into the environment as it accumulates.

A new recycling program will change the way people manage their food waste and help protect the planet. And it’s coming to Roseville soon.

Lawmakers passed a law in 2016 that requires local jurisdictions to work with households to compost organic waste.

The effort aims to reduce organic waste disposal into landfills by as much as 75% within four years.

Roseville customers will contribute to this initiative by changing the way they dispose of their food waste. It’s also the biggest change to trash and recycling practices in three decades.

The city rolls out the new residential food waste program next year. Once the city’s pilots and studies are complete, Roseville will gather additional customer feedback to help design the new food waste program.

In the pilots, customers receive a third receptacle for recycling. The idea is for residents to collect food waste inside their home and then dispose of it into the larger container.

Alternatively, in the other pilot, customers can dispose of food normally. Then, it would be separated at the waste facility.

Roseville has not yet confirmed which process will go into effect.

But what is clear is Roseville residents will soon have to think about their trash disposal in a very different way.

Businesses will also be part of that change. Currently, Roseville recycles several tons of food waste from local businesses each week.

In the future, customers who dine out will work with local businesses to toss their uneaten food into separate containers to streamline food recycling.

The city of Roseville is also developing plans to address hunger within the community in unison with the recycling plan. It’ll work with residential and food insecurity programs to make this happen.

Another benefit: Organic waste can be used as compostable soil.


A new ranking of America’s best cities to live places Roseville at No. 8.

Noting its history as a former stagecoach stop, Roseville is now a vibrant community and Placer County’s largest city.

With plenty of things to do in and around town, and with its safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, entertainment options and abundance of retail and dining outlets, Roseville was a favorite from the beginning.

Using nine major categories, such as city amenities, housing, health, education and economy, Roseville scored 744 out of 900 possible points.

Livability lives up to its name in compiling and ranking the nation’s best cities.

Each year, the company analyzes troves of data and studies thousands of American cities to find what makes them tick and stand out. Using all types of sources, from the U.S. Census, EPA and other major agencies and groups, the report also relies on data from major private-sector enterprises for a comprehensive look into the country’s best places to live.

In 2021, Livability ranked more than 2,300 cities and scored them based on the major categories.

New this year, given the rise of remote work, Livability accounted for how accommodating or easy it is for residents to work remotely in each city.

Roseville shined in this area. That’s because residents have easy access to broadband and high-speed internet. Roseville also has good population density and a thriving business community.

The survey also asked people about factors that mean the most to them if they’re considering relocation. If they had to move, then the new city must be affordable, diverse, inclusive and have plenty of employment opportunities. And Roseville certainly fits the bill.

Here are some highlights from Roseville’s report:

  • Favorite places to eat: Mikuni Japanese Restaurant
  • Weekend escapes: Woodcreek and TopGolf
  • Favorite drink: Platinum Wine Lounge
  • Top college: Sierra College
  • Employers to work for: Sutter Health, Kaiser Permanente and Adventist Health
  • Added perks: Affordable living and proximity to the Bay Area and other Northern California destinations


In an effort to retain and attract the best minds in medicine, Sutter Health announced that Roseville Medical Center will add a teaching hospital for a new medical residency program.

The first-year class, which starts next year, will include 13 residents for internal medicine and six for surgery.

The expansion couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Last year, there were more graduating medical students than available spots in residency programs.

Without a strong medical program, hospitals can have a difficult time recruiting physicians and other medical professionals.

Roseville’s training program brings in doctors at the early stages of their careers, allowing them to grow alongside their communities. The hospital hopes doctors will fall in love with the region and continue practicing medicine in Northern California.

While the hospital will first offer surgery and internal medicine training programs, Roseville Medical Center will expand to new areas in the coming years. It will likely add emergency medicine and anesthesia next.

As the medical program grows, the teaching hospital will evaluate the needs of the community to inform its programing.

To start, Roseville Medical Center will invest $30 million in developing teaching facilities, labs, sleep rooms and other teaching hospital needs.

For patients, they can expect more visits from multiple doctors. For instance, doctors and their accompanied residents will engage in longer discussions about the patient’s health and underlying condition as part of the teaching process.

The hospital’s expansion into teaching provides yet another layer to the region’s impressive hospital and technology network. Roseville Medical Center will create jobs and attract top medical recruits who will provide innovative medical care to Placer County communities and beyond.

As an established destination, Placer County continues to build its reputation for excellence. The region’s expanding health services and facilities will help grow the local economy and provide residents with cutting-edge community-enriching health care services.


The popular neighborhood grocer just opened its doors for business in Rocklin.

Located off Rocklin Commons Drive, the new Trader Joe’s will occupy more than 10,000 square feet.

There’s great anticipation for Trader Joe’s. It may come to a surprise, but the store’s opening represents the region’s first new store in nearly a decade.

Residents can look forward to what they already love about Trader Joe’s at the new store, including colorful artwork that’s inspired by what makes Rocklin unique. Watch out for art showcasing Sierra College, Quarry Park and other Rocklin landmarks.

The national chain of neighborhood stores is committed to providing shoppers with great value and presenting them with unique food products that are of the highest quality.

Crew members are always happy to help and can recommend brands unique to Trader Joe’s. Shoppers can discover new foods they love and also stock up on everyday basics.

The store held a ribbon cutting event on Oct. 22.


Got unneeded or expired medication or vaping devices? Placer County can take them.

Placer County and other partners are organizing a take-back event later this month where residents can drop off prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vaping devices they no longer need.

Representatives with local government agencies and law enforcement will be on hand from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 23 at various drop-off locations. You are welcome to come by and drop off unwanted or unneeded medications, controlled substances, veterinary medications and vaping devices. Illegal substances, medical waste and other similar items will not be accepted.

If you plan on swinging by, keep in mind that it’s best to leave meds in original containers or packaging. Batteries should also be removed from devices whenever possible.

Last year, the county collected over 2,000 pounds of medication. Since the program began in 2010, more than 85,000 pounds have been taken. The effort helps protect the environment and keeps dangerous substances out of hands of children and other vulnerable individuals.

Call 916-258-2302 if you have any questions or want additional information.

Here are the locations for the drop-off event on Oct. 23:


City Hall

1225 Lincoln Way

Auburn Justice Center

2929 Richardson Drive



Lincoln Police Department

770 7th St.



Del Oro High School

3301 Taylor Road



Rocklin Police Department

4080 Rocklin Road

Rocklin Fire Station #3

2001 Wildcat Blvd.



Maidu Community Center

1550 Maidu Drive

Roseville High School

1 Tiger Way


Sun City – Roseville

7050 Del Webb Blvd. (by tennis courts)


Truckee (Serving North Lake Tahoe-area)

Gateway Shopping Center

11290 Donner Pass Road


For a unique night out with friends, you might want to test out your axe-throwing skills and enjoy an up-and-coming experience known simply as axe throwing.

A night out enjoying craft drinks and appetizers among friends is enough reason to get out. But imagine your joy when you combine that with the physical demands of an axe throwing competition with the gang. You’ll be happy to know that the axes are ready to go, and no grinding will be necessary.

If you are new to axe throwing, think about it as throwing darts — but far more exciting. The setting is always laid back with positive energy that amps up with each throw. The environment really gets your competitive juices flowing for an outing everyone will enjoy. And, you can satisfy your hunger with some delicious drinks and food at the same time.

So why not try it out at one of these nearby locations?

Impact Axe

One of the hottest axe-throwing lounges in the area, you’re sure to have a great time at Impact Axe, where there’s something for everyone.

Impact Axe serves local brews and has a wide selection of craft brews. Don’t worry, there are plenty of options for those nondrinkers in your group.

It’s best to make a reservation for the indoor axe throwing lounge, but walk-ins are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to eat, drink and throw today.

Get Axed

For a special deal and plenty of entertainment, check out Get Axed in Lincoln.

Get Axed sets the mood immediately with an impeccably designed and interactive facility.

Whether you’re first timer or an axe-tossing connoisseur, every moment at Get Axed will be memorable. The 4,200-square-foot facility is loaded with interactive games and 14 targets.

Smart Axe

This place is a go-to axe-throwing facility for all occasions. It’s perfect for date nights, birthday parties and corporate events.

And don’t forget that Smart Axe is suitable for ages 12 and up. It even has league play if you want to take the sport to the next level.

While there are a few locations open nearby, a Roseville location will soon open up.


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