You’re not alone if a backyard makeover is on your spring and summer to-do list. According to a recent survey, backyard renovations are at the top of the home projects’ list homeowners want to complete.

Here are some backyard landscaping ideas to get you started before you start excavating, constructing and rototilling your yard.

1. Distinguish your areas

In your backyard, there’s a lot going on. While creating a single, multifunctional area is possible and perhaps even easier, you could also divide and conquer. Hedges, stone edging, flower beds and fences are some of the techniques to delineate areas.

2. Create a new version of your happy place

The art of topiary, or the technique of shaping trees and plants into beautiful forms, ranges from exquisite to bizarre. While simple designs such as cones, globes and spirals are pretty popular, topiary provides an opportunity to add a little something special to your lawn. Something that reflects your individuality. Wildlife forms, arches, fences and furniture are all good ideas for unique topiaries.

3. Vegetables in the landscape

Your garden vegetables don’t have to be planted in a raised bed. Plant your vegetables amid your flower beds rather than apart from them to freshen up the appearance of your garden without losing your summer abundance.

You may also use your favorite vegetables to create a border around your beds, or for those who love container gardening, you can scatter pots and other planters throughout your yard.

4. Biophilic design

To feel at one with nature, you don’t have to live in the midst of wildlife and old-growth trees. A backyard that is all business may be transformed into a location that feels really tranquil by combining natural components with hardscapes, such as grass with grass block pavers.

5. Prefabricated accessory dwelling unit

You don’t have to be outside in the open to enjoy your backyard. If you need a little extra indoor space to go with your backyard renovation, consider incorporating an additional dwelling unit into your landscaping design. While constructing one from the ground up is a possibility, you may also take the prefab way and purchase one as a kit.


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