Buying a home is a big decision.

Buying a new construction? Prepare for some extra items to cross off your list.

Whether you’re buying in Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn or somewhere else within the Placer County community, you will be faced with some important decisions.

With so many decisions that go into the home-buying process, we gathered some tips for first-time homebuyers who’ve decided to buy new.

Yes, do a home inspection

Believe it or not, a home inspection is not just to test properties for wear and tear.

A new home may not have wear and tear, but it is not immune from other issues or defects.

Even seasoned builders may miss something during the construction process, which can lead to defects or safety issues.

That is why it’s important to conduct an inspection and check for pending liens on the property.

Exercise caution when selecting upgrades

After touring a model home, you may feel like you won’t accept anything less.

These upgrades are expensive, but are also convenient when the same builder can install and build all the extras on your list.

As a word of caution, be sure to check how long the upgrades will take. Depending on the upgrade, there may be some serious delay time, which can impact your projected move-in date.

Other pitfalls include surpassing your loan qualification amount or opting for upgrades that only add marginal value to the home.

Most of all, make sure your choices make you happy and will enrich your time at home.

Check what comes standard

Of course, the model home is a dream.

But, keep in mind that some features may not come standard or be at base price.

Be sure to ask a lot of questions and see what home features come standard in writing. You can check the home builder’s website or ask for a comprehensive pricing list.

Partner with a reputable home builder

New builds are attractive no matter what.

Yet, not all home builders are created equal.

The ideal builder will meet your needs to your specification without astronomical costs.

We have strong relationships with several builders in Placer County and would be happy to connect you.

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