A bike pump track at Whitney Community Park is closer to becoming a reality after the City Council authorized a request for a bid to construct the complex to be submitted. The track design and supporting infrastructure will help the City Council better comprehend the project’s costs and identify potential construction roadblocks.

Bike pump tracks are becoming increasingly popular in the greater Sacramento area. These tracks are usually made of dirt but can also be paved. The track is set up in a closed loop with varying-sized mounds for riders to navigate.

Rather than learning on more challenging terrain such as mountain biking trails, a bike pump track allows cyclists of all ages to practice off-road bicycling. Riders can navigate the track in numerous ways thanks to a combination of routes, intersections and bends in the park’s design.

The track will provide a safe environment for everyone to experience the benefits of off-road riding in a small, supervised area. Riders will have access to an area where they can work on cardiovascular fitness as well as personal empowerment navigation obstacles. In addition, the bike pump track is expected to boost local economic growth and improve off-road cycling tourism earnings.

The project was spearheaded by the Rocklin Bike Coalition, which aims to develop inclusive recreational amenities that will benefit families and visitors of Rocklin.


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