At first glance, BAD Bakers coming to Roseville may not sound like something to be excited about and could possibly even work some Rosevillians. However, I think you may feel a lot better, maybe even be filled with joy when you get done reading what I have to tell you.

BAD (Bread and Doughnuts) Bakers is the name of a new bakery that will be located in the Palisades Plaza on East Roseville Pkwy, near the intersection of N Sunrise Ave and across the street from Sutter Hospital. This new bakery is the brainchild of local entrepreneurs Vince Tiuseco and his wife, Katelyn, who also own the Starbread bakery in Natomas. If you weren’t already aware, Starbread once topped the charts on a list of “100 Places to Eat in the Nation” and currently has a 4.5 star rating with over 500 reviews on Yelp.

Feeling better yet? No? Okay well this bit of info may help. It is rumored that BAD Bakers in Roseville CA will offer customers gourmet doughnuts that will include many different fillings and toppings. I don’t know about you but I am keeping my fingers crossed that the toppings might include bacon, like a maple bacon doughnut or some other concoction of sweet and salty goodness.

The best part is that it will be right next door to one of the best Starbucks locations in Roseville CA and there is an open air patio seating area that overlooks Miners Ravine between the two stores. So, you can enjoy your gourmet doughnut from BAD Bakers with an iced coffee from Starbucks on a beautiful sunny Roseville CA day while taking in the spectacular views of Miners Ravine (I know it sounds like I am going a little overboard but this is truly one of my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee and the view is great).

This all being said, BAD Bakers will be a welcomed addition to Roseville and Placer County. I look forward to seeing you there!

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