As the weather begins to turn and the days become longer, spending more time outdoors is a bigger priority.

After a long 2020, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your own outdoor space with these simple trends in landscape design that will brighten up everyone’s day.

Outdoor living

Families will continue to spend extra time at home even as progress is made on vaccinations.

In anticipation of the warmer months, consumers are looking for ways to enhance their outdoor space with the addition of privacy screenings and patio coverings.

Privacy screenings add a layer of comfort and seclusion for hours of outdoor enjoyment with family and close friends. Screenings can also block out noise pollution.

Patio coverings are growing in popularity because they shield from direct sunlight and rain so residents can spend more time outdoors.

Versatile grills with additional side burners, lighting and storage with warming features are a top item on spring shopping lists.

Edible gardens

Many younger and older homeowners alike picked up on new hobbies during the pandemic, including fruit and vegetable gardening.

According to the Garden Trends Report, 16 million more Americans have turned their thumbs green, or at least done their very best, to grow peas, pumpkins, lettuce and many other vegetables.

This new year, more advanced gardeners will expand their horizons. Some will plant trees or reconfigure their lawn space to accommodate more native plants, which attract pollinators and other useful garden critters.

For folks with smaller spaces, micro plants are an excellent alternative because they grow faster and save space. Micro tomatoes, mini bell papers and smaller squashes and greens are trending upward.

Households with younger children will expand kid-friendly areas and amenities, like play and swing sets and even nature habitats for fun and interactive activities.

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