An Auburn restaurant is showing that its sense of community knows no boundaries.

While Hurricane victims in Houston and other parts of the United States continue to recover from the devastation left behind, the owners of the Carpe Vino restaurant in Auburn gave back.

To help, the restaurant gathered resources from other companies and donors to sell special meals for the relief efforts. As the restaurant began taking orders for special boxed meals, the fundraiser only got bigger. The meals eventually sold out at 300-plus Texas barbecue meals. The effort helped raise several thousands of dollars for the Greater Houston Community Foundation.

Millions of lives were directly interrupted or turned upside down during and after Hurricane Harvey. Carpe Vino has family ties to Houston, including the co-owner’s girlfriend’s daughter, who was in 12 feet of water at one point during the storm.

This family connection and the tremendous need for relief across the Houston area inspired the owners to launch their campaign.

Carpe Vino, which is located in downtown Auburn, is family-owned and operated. It is a restaurant, wine bar and wine shop. Check out their menu here.

We are proud of how the Placer County community comes together when others are in need. Much thanks to everyone who helped by supporting this fundraiser or other hurricane relief efforts – you are another great example of why We Heart Placer County!

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