Buying a home is one of the largest investments anyone can ever make.

If you recently purchased a home, you might begin to think about ways to protect and make the most out of this important investment.

Regular upkeep can do both.

For instance, home maintenance during the winter months crosses both off the list. With proper winter care, homeowners can save money on their monthly utility bill and maintain a safe and comfortable dwelling.

Here are six home care tips that will get the job done.

Outlet update

Examine the outlets throughout your home by hovering your hand just above the surface.

If air is escaping, it’s time to install a new outlet with a foam gasket. This project is both easy to do and inexpensive. But the savings can add up over time.

Flue check

You might not have thought much about the home’s fireplace, other than it’s a beautiful focal point of the living room.

Even if you’re not thinking about firing it up this winter, now’s a good opportunity to have it checked out in case it’s unnecessarily releasing warm air.

A chimney technician will examine it from roof to hearth and install an inflation device that keeps warm air in and air flowing when it’s in use.

Vent out

An efficient home is just not possible without proper ventilation.

You want to examine the vents on the dryer, over the stove and inside bathrooms to ensure that air isn’t escaping. Double-check for lint accumulation.

A magnetic cover for the kitchen exhaust and an internal flapper in other fans will keep things dry and prevent moisture buildup.

Insulate attic, basement

Regardless of the season, proper attic and basement insulation will keep heating and cooling costs in check.

The insulation is easy to install and easy to repair. Homeowners should make it a habit to check on the condition of insulation each winter and spring. Just look for gaps within the insulation and replace as needed.

Coat of paint

A high-quality layer of paint is the exterior’s first defense against the elements.

From the harsh UV sunlight rays to downpours of rain, extreme elements can cause cracks on the home’s exterior and lead to expansions and contractions of the home’s siding.

Moisture can also give rise to mildew, mold and rot along the outside of the home. Replacing wood and siding can get expensive.

Specialized paint formulas provide added protection for the home’s exterior no matter the season.

Home tech

Using home tech is easier than ever. Homeowners can control their home’s temperature, lighting and other electronics with just a few swipes.

Installing a programable thermostat can save homeowners about $200 annually on their heating and cooling costs.

And smart lighting will make sure you never leave the lights on too long ever again.


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