It can be difficult to remain 100% focused through an entire shift while working from home.

A dedicated home office space is a solid start, but it’s not enough to inspire and carry you through the full workday.

The design and details of the work area should inspire creativity and promote productivity instead of slowing them down. Here’s how you can spruce up your workspace and make the most out of any workday.

Create a retreat area with daybed

A daybed can break up your workday and reduce the demands of sitting in a single place for an entire shift.

A built-in daybed in the office is perfect for stepping away and gathering your thoughts and ideas. Or, it’s a comfortable space for longer periods of reading or drafting ideas on a pad of paper. If it comes to it, it’s the perfect retreat after a long day of work.

Multitask with any amount of space

For those with limited space, a secretary desk is the perfect all-in-one work solution.

A secretary desk has enough drawers, surface space and hideaway features to meet your office-hour needs and them some when you’re not working. The drop-front desk will almost disappear when all the drawers and desk are shut.

Add a pop of green

Whether your office has the feel of a library or of a modern workstation, it cannot be complete without a splash of greenery.

A durable houseplant or even fresh flowers are beneficial in more than one way. Live plants enhance the look, smell and breathability of any room through air purification.

Let there be more light

Strong and ambient lighting is a must for any home workstation.

For long hours of reading from a computer screen or book, task lighting can make a world of difference.

Desk, floor and overhead lighting can truly enhance the workability of any space. The variety of lighting will come in handy for other tasks, like videoconferencing, and establish a well-lit setting to be as productive as possible.

Ultimate desk placement

The most important feature of your work area is the desk — and proper placement is essential to maximize its utility.

Consider floating your desk in a room, in front of a bookshelf or window, to allow for bigger views and greater flow within the room.

Simple positioning of the desk can be breath of fresh air, particularly if the room is decorated with bold pieces of art and colors.

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