It’s not just the best part of waking up. An iced latte or any other coffee drink is like a full-body jolt, that second wind that can make any part of the day ten times better.

For those of us lucky enough to live or work in Placer County, there are a plethora of options for this caffeine retreat.

We encourage you to try any of these five coffee shops in Placer County.

Four Score Coffee House (Roseville)

Go for the big win at Roseville’s Four Score Coffee House, a special café that will support your passion for incredible brews and other great causes.

This establishment’s mission is simple: pour you good coffee and provide a platform to local musicians and artists. They’re also doing their part in the fight against human trafficking.

Menu highlights include drip coffees, espressos, house pour-overs, lattes and mochas.

Shady Coffee & Tea (Roseville)

If you’re looking for a little bit more than coffee, this charming location in Roseville is right for you.

The long list of teas (black, green, white, herbal, iced, and so on) are sure to please with the variety of flavors they come in.

No coffee house is complete without the classics. Coffee at Shady is organically sourced and roasted, which makes the experience extra special and near. For brews, you can select from French press to cold brew. The bar is steaming away some tasty espressos, Americanos and other delightful drinks.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can order the dessert hot chocolate or enjoy other unique flavors, such as homemade lavender to boost your drink of choice.

Missions Coffee (Auburn)

Visitors praise the great service and atmosphere. But more than that, they rave about the coffee.

The ultra-smooth latte is one of the favorites at this establishment, which also serves up breakfast and lunch foods.

And, yes, Missions Coffee does offer free refills.

Origin Coffee & Tea (Rocklin)

When you visit Origin Coffee, they promise to bring you a little closer to freedom, one cup of joe at a time.

While the taste and flavors of these drinks are liberating, the owners are talking about something else. This non-profit coffee shop is setup to help put a stop to human trafficking. So, when you enjoy coffee here, you’re also contributing to a noble cause.

The menu features all your favorite espressos, coffees and teas.

If you’re looking for even more, they have opportunities for you to volunteer.

North Fork Chai (Newcastle)

For something a little different, North Fork Chai may be able to assist.

This small craft chai company makes a spicy yet sweet drink that pops. It also pours other traditional drinks and coffee from Temple Coffee Roaster, a regional favorite. In addition, you can order pastries, savory items and other treats. Or you can take a class at this unique coffee shop.

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