The market has never been better to sell real estate.

The evidence is clear. Home buyer demand is off the charts and so are home prices.

If you’re in a position to enter the market as a seller, there are some ways to prepare for this exciting time. Read on to learn more about the steps you can take right now to ensure a successful home sale.

Shop for home

Yes, this is about selling your home. But you should also be prepared to buy another home first. Otherwise, some possible complications can get in the way.

So you’re not rushed to move out of your prior home, it’s important to build a strategy for shopping for a new home so the timing all works out in your favor.

Your real estate team can help you with these two major transactions of selling and buying real estate simultaneously so you’re not overwhelmed by the pressures of timing it just right.

Check out other listings for inspirations

While there’s a lot of competition and plenty of buyers, that’s no reason to not put your best foot forward when you list your home.

By checking out other listings you can find inspiration on how to market and showcase your own home.

Your real estate team will help you develop the listing details, but feel free to provide your own ideas that you think will make your home really stand out. Maybe there’s a particular home feature, like the home office, that you want to highlight to attract the most eyeballs. In today’s market with skyrocketing prices, it just makes sense to take every opportunity to maximize the home sale.

Declutter your home

Anyone familiar with the teachings of Marie Kondo know the secret to joy is decluttering.

Whether or not this is a practical exercise for your everyday life, it will make a difference when you list your home for sale.

A cluttered home can be off-putting and remove the joy of shopping for a home.

So make sure to clear the home of any nonessentials and overly personal mementos. Let potential buyers walk into the home with a clean canvas that lets their imaginations run wild.

Do market research

Of course, your real estate team will conduct a ton of research. But it doesn’t hurt to do a little of your own.

Doing so will better inform you about the current market conditions and home values. Being aware of home prices will inform you when it’s time to announce the listing price, an important step that sets the tone for offers. Bottom line is that you should feel comfortable about market trends and feel like you are up to speed on all the conversations regarding the sale of your home.


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