New-home buyers can easily go over budget when selecting optional builder upgrades and features.

With so many options, homebuyers are easily tempted to say yes to everything – but what upgrades are actually worthwhile?

Here are four upgrades you should consider when buying a new home that are functional, stylistic and pocket-friendly.

Roomier kitchen cabinets

A large island and beautiful countertops are two must-haves for a dream kitchen.

Extra-height kitchen cabinets can be added to that list, too.

Upgrading from 36 inches to 42 inches will provide extra shelf storage, that’s invaluable in creating a functional and inviting kitchen.

In addition, the extra inches will bring the cabinets closer to the ceiling for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Over-fridge cabinet

Along with added verticality to the kitchen’s cabinet, an over-fridge cabinet is another ideal storage solution for a kitchen that has it all.

The deep cabinet will also give the appearance of a built-in refrigerator, combining style with function.

The added cabinet will also eat up the space above the fridge, where items can pile up and look unorganized.

Microwave cubby

New homebuyers may forget a designated spot for the microwave over their excitement about the stove and overhead range.

In the end, the microwave will end up taking up valuable countertop real estate. To avoid that, homeowners should prioritize designing a space-saving spot for the microwave.

Homeowners can maintain the stylish look of a statement range fan while retaining counter space for a microwave that’s within reach.

Carpet padding

For areas of the home that feature carpet, homeowners can’t go wrong by upgrading from standard carpeting to underpadding.

For a great price, underpadding creates a much softer underfoot that feels great and lengthens the life of your carpeting. It’s a total win-win.

If you are interested in seeing your options for newly built homes in Placer County, contact us today!

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